“The Woods” By: John Limjoco

The woods…

to me that two syllable

phrase brings me

vivid memories of mirth…

Everyday, after

finishing piles of homework, as

big as a mountain,

I get on my red Trek bike to

cycle to the woods.  Happiness

begins to take over all the stress

gained from studying as fast as bacteria develops

in warm environments as I

ride through Kingston Estates.

I pass by many houses….

Some very colorful and bright like a lighthouse light

and others gray and dull as if it were a desolate cave.  After

some time I reach a spot where

the narrow black road meets the coarse brown dirt

of the woods.

This area… the woods

obtains many of my

wonderful memories.

The peaceful woods

reminds me of my

happiest moments.

On a day as hot as Death Valley

I step foot on the woods.  I am welcomed

by the sight of birds and the chlorophyll filled leaves.

I knew that now I can just relax and be one with nature.

I have found peace to reflect on my life.


moments where I

can just forget about

the bad things that


The clouds and sky were as dark as shadows

and all I felt was nothing but negative energy.

I sat down by a tree and buried my head into my arms

I heard my heart beating in a slow rhythm


as my head arose from my arms the sun’s rays shined down and

kissed the coarse brown dirt

and all there was were fluffy marshmallow clouds that

appeared to be floating in a vast blue sea.

and look at

my life and appreciate

what it is and what

it will be.  These moments

where I can enjoy silence

and think about what the

future holds…

The woods…

to me that two syllable

phrase brings me

vivid memories of mirth.

Featured Image From:  http://archive.longislandpress.com/2012/08/27/september-walks-in-the-woods/

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