How To Get Through The Strike Zone Quicker While Batting

As a baseball player who is only 5’2″ I do not rely on power a lot, I rely on speed.  I believe that having a quick swing is one of the most important abilities to have if you are a baseball player who relies on speed.  I will be giving you tips on how to develop a quicker swing.

  1. Step into the batter’s box
  2. Set yourself up
  3. Make sure your arms form an upside down V
  4. Make sure to cock your arms backward before you swing
  5. While you are swinging make sure you keep your shoulder strong, do not drop your shoulder.
  6. Your arm should follow a diagonal line ( Just remember the quickest route from point A to point B is a straight line)
  7. try to keep your swing as tight as possible or as close to your body as possible
  8. Follow through and be consistent

Thank you for reading this I hope this helped you have a quicker swing!

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