Bone Cancer

          Cancer is a serious disease that many people suffer and die from.  Cancer is when cells start growing uncontrollably.  There are more than 100 types of cancer.  The cancer I am going to talk about is bone cancer.  I am going to talk about bone cancer because I think that bones are important to humans because bones keep our body in shape.  Without bones we would not be able to stand.  Bones make activities possible to do.  Our bones are like the frame of our bodies.  We need bones to do physical actions.  For example, cooking. Without bones we wouldn’t be able to cook when we are hungry.  What if you want to get a drink of water?  You need bones to walk to get the water.  You need bones to move your arm. Therefore, bones play an important part in our lives.

          Doctors don’t really know what causes cancer.  Many bad health habits can trigger cancer.  Doctors don’t really know what causes bone cancer.  All they know is that bone cancer is an error in a cell’s DNA.  The error tells the cell to grow or divide uncontrollably.  Bone cancer starts like many types of other cancer.  They start off with a tumor and start to spread throughout the bone.

          Some symptoms of bone cancer are bone pain, swelling and softness near the area where bone cancer is, and broken bones.  Bone cancer can affect the body by making you lose weight mysteriously and getting you fatigued.  If you experience any of these symptoms you should see a doctor immediately.  Bone cancer is an uncommon cancer, but it is still a dangerous cancer.  You should always see a doctor when you experiencing any of the symptoms.  Not all symptoms connect to bone cancer. For example, when you get fatigued.  That doesn’t mean you have bone cancer.  You could just be fatigued because you had a long day.  You should be aware of what is happening in your body.

There are three ways that doctors treat bone cancer.  They can perform surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or combined treatments.  Surgery is supposed to get rid of the whole bone cancer.  For large bone cancers or bone cancers that are in a difficult point on the bone they have to perform an amputation.  If the bone cancer can be removed from nerves and other tissue, the surgeon might be able to remove the cancer while saving the limb.  If the bone cancer occurs anywhere else except for the arms and the legs, the surgeon may remove the bone and some surrounding tissue.  They will replace the bone they removed with another bone from another area of your body or they will use a metal bone.  Radiation therapy is when doctors use high powered beams of energy to kill the bone cancer cells.

          Chemotherapy is when they give you drugs that uses chemicals to kill the cancer through the veins.  Sometimes all of those treatments are combined.  For example,  chemotherapy is combined with radiation to make the bone smaller, so the surgeon does not have to cut your limb off.  These treatments are decided by  type of cancer you have, the stage of the cancer, your health and what you prefer.  There aren’t as many cancer treatments,  but I think the will find new ways to deal with cancer in the future.

While researching about bone cancer I learned some interesting facts.  For example, radiation therapy increases the risk of bone cancer.  Radiation therapy may help treat bone cancer, but it will also increase the risk of bone cancer.  Also,  bone cancer is very rare.  It is only found in less than 0.2% of  patients.  The last thing I learned was that people with primary bone cancer have a little over 50% survival rate.  Bone cancer is very rare, but it is threatening and not easy to treat.

          Cancer is a disease that a lot of people get.  Some aren’t as dangerous as others.  Some are more common than others.  There are a wide variety of cancers, but there are only a few treatments.  Bone cancer is a rare and dangerous cancer, but it can be treated.  Hopefully in the future cancer won’t be such a big problem.

Thank you for taking time to reading my piece!

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