Month: April 2016

Game #2-Win:4/17/16

The second game we played we won 16-11.  It was a really long day because it was so humid and everybody got tired very easily but we managed to fight through the heat and come out victorious

Fishing at Strawbridge Lake, Moorestown, New Jersey:4/20/2016

I only caught one fish, which was a largemouth bass, but I was still satisfied because it was a fat and healthy spawning bass.  I caught it on the second cast right in a corner surrounded by lily pads in the water

Spawning (releasing eggs to be fertilized) Largemouth Bass I caught at Strawbridge Lake!

First Game… First Loss: 4/10/16

The first game of the season we lost 12-2.  This is very sad for a team like my team that wins almost every game.  Even if we lose, we lose by 1 run.  Getting mercy ruled (getting beaten by 10 runs) is not good at all.  In order to win the next one we need to be more confident in ourselves and not hesitate as much.  At least this is only the first game.

Check my stats for this game

Horseshoe Crabs

          The horseshoe crab is an extraordinary creature.  These horseshoe crabs are very important to the ecology.  Fifty percent (50%) of shorebirds’ diet is based on horseshoe crab eggs.  Also, they are important to the biomedical industry because of their blood.  They are also one of the world’s oldest creatures.  They have been existing longer than the dinosaurs!  In my opinion, I think that horseshoe crabs are very interesting.

Horseshoe crabs have an interesting body.  Their body has three parts, the head, abdomen, and the telson.  The head contains the mouth, brain, heart, nervous system, and glands.  Also, the head protects the largest eyes.  A horseshoe crab contains 9 eyes scattered throughout its body!  The Abdomen includes moveable spines on the side to help protect the horseshoe crab.  On the bottom of the abdomen there are muscles for moving and gills for breathing.  The telson is the tail.  The tail is not meant for harm.  The tail is there so horseshoe crabs can flip back up if it gets knocked on its back.  In conclusion, horseshoe crabs have interesting bodies.

          Horseshoe crabs’ history go back a very long time.  They have been on Earth for over 300,000,000 years!  That is before dinosaurs, the dawn of humans, and flowering plants existed!  They existed in the era when the first visible life existed.  Many scientists have a hard time figuring out when these creatures first existed.  They do know that horseshoe crabs go back over 510 million years ago with a group called the Xiphosura.  Horseshoe crabs have an unclear history, but scientists know for a fact that they have been existing for over hundreds of millions of years.

          Horseshoe crabs’  migration have a lot to do with mating.  During the months of May and June horseshoe crabs go on to shore.  Some male horseshoe crabs go to the bottom of the ocean!  When its time to mate males migrate on to shore.  They get their first.  Then, the females come and the males drag them with their pincers.  Then, the females make holes for their eggs and lay eggs.  The males then fertilize the eggs.  A female can lay over 3,000 eggs in one nest, and 88,000 eggs in one season.  After that it is all about chances.  Half of the eggs will be eaten before they even hatch.  These horseshoe crabs have a very interesting life.  I hope that they are still around for the next generation to see.


Horseshoe crabs are amazing creatures and we should try to do what we can to save them and other endangered animals.  Thanks for reading this post

Nike Adult Swingman Batting Gloves

These batting gloves are amazing!  I got these batting gloves for $35.00 and they have not yet ripped or torn apart.  I had to get new ones because my other ones got small on me.  Even when the batting gloves were small on me it did not rip.  I think that these are one of the best batting gloves ever.

The Nike Swingman Batting Gloves has a premium Cabretta leather palm (Sheepskin leather from sheep with straight hair).  This allows for a nice grip and I also believe this a huge part of its durability.  The back of the gloves are perforated which allows your hand to breathe.  These batting gloves also have thumb flex zones so your hands have a better connection with the bat handle.

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover by John Limjoco


Billions of people in the world

Each one of us has our own problems

Not a single person has time

Time to be judged by the way that they look

How tall they are, or how much they weigh

But there is always time for people to see the true colors in others

Instead of focusing on looks, weight, or height

Maybe, just maybe, people should focus on the way people act

The way others treat others, and the way people interact with others

And maybe, just maybe

The world in which we live in will be a world filled with kindness and happiness

Instead of the hate in which many people suffer from