Hi! I am John LimjoP1000311.JPGco and I attend Haddonfield Friends School.  I live in New Jersey and I am very interested in arts and crafts, and spending time outdoors.  On my free time I enjoy fishing, playing baseball, sketching, playing the piano, and making models of jets.  I love to fish for bass.  I play for the South Jersey Sun Devils.  I sketch whatever I can imagine.  I play classics and popular songs on the piano. I make models of fighter jets.

I am 13 years old, I know I’m so old (that was a joke ha….. ha…..). If you enjoy learning about fishing and baseball my site is the right place for you.  You can also find some random things I do in my life such as writing poems to just random pictures that I think look funny or cool in the miscellaneous section.  Thank you for spending time to check my website hope to see you on my followers list.

P.S. I follow back! (insert thumbs up here)

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