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Nike Adult Swingman Batting Gloves

These batting gloves are amazing!  I got these batting gloves for $35.00 and they have not yet ripped or torn apart.  I had to get new ones because my other ones got small on me.  Even when the batting gloves were small on me it did not rip.  I think that these are one of the best batting gloves ever.

The Nike Swingman Batting Gloves has a premium Cabretta leather palm (Sheepskin leather from sheep with straight hair).  This allows for a nice grip and I also believe this a huge part of its durability.  The back of the gloves are perforated which allows your hand to breathe.  These batting gloves also have thumb flex zones so your hands have a better connection with the bat handle.

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Wilson A1K Baseball Glove Review

Wilson is a well trusted brand for baseball gloves in the MLB.  The most popular models are the Wilson A2000 and the Wilson A2K.  The Wilson A2000 and A2K are trusted by many MLB baseball.  Wilson has made a model that is pretty much like the A2000.  This model is called the Wilson A1K.  This glove is for younger baseball players who play baseball frequently.  I have used this glove for a year and it has never failed me.  This glove came out of the box pretty much game ready, which is good for younger players.  The leather quality is very close to the A2000’s leather quality.

This glove features a Dustin Pedroia fit.  This means that the glove opening for the hand is smaller.  Also, this glove only has one layer of leather for the palm.  Catching baseballs in the palm of your hand can really hurt.  This also has rolled dual welting for a quicker break in.

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